Florida race was our first race of the season. All things considered it didn't go to bad. David received 2nd and 3rd degree burn on his left arm ,hand neck, face and ear. He blistered pretty bad. Thanks to Patty he got to the hospital and received the care he needed. Poor Patty had to drive the dually for the first time through the pits to get David to the hospital. Thank you Patty.

On to the racing stuff. New engine high hopes. Qualified 10th with a 7.849 at 180.65 mph. Got through round 1 ran a 8.362 at 179.56 mph.
Went out round 2. Just need to figure out what we need to make us better.
We met a real nice guy from Carnivore Performance Products
Dennis Clark. They have a really cool bottle heater that does it all.
Maybe we can help each other out.
Our next race is in Bowling Green Kentucky on May 4,5 and 6th.

Race 2 Kentucky.
Qualified 5th with a 7.645 at 183.29 mph.  Keith cut a perfect light during qualifing WAY TO GO KEITH. Made it through round 1 with a 8.402 at 180.07 mph. Lost in round 2 with a 7.69
at 182.75. Sometimes it is a struggle to get everything together to keep this team running but when things are going right it's all worth it. We would like to welcome Carinivore Performance Products on as a sponsor. They have the right product for the right time check them out at www.gotsqueeze.com. Check out www.holley.com they did a great interview with Keith.
Next race is in Ohio June 1-3.

Race 3 Ohio. We have did some tuning and discussing and praying to the racing god for a good weekend!

We have had a fantastic weekend almost perfect. Yes, there was rain but so what. It was hot but that's ok also. You could say, at the end of this weekend we were all on cloud 9.
We qualified 6th with a 7.662 at 184.83mph. Top speed for the event. We ran Robert Remek and beat him with a 7.623 at 179.64 mph. Round 2 we ran Jack Boer we both red lit but he did it first. We had a 7.538  at 182.26 mph. From qualifing with a 7.849 in Florida to a 7.538 here that was just great. We got a by run 3rd round. Yes, we got beat in round 4 we should have ran it out on our by run for lane choice. We got the bad lane and the car was just loose. We had a very very good weekend.
Next race Illinois July 19-22
Joliet, we had high hopes going into this race. We did real well.
We qualified #7 with a 7.538. Round 1 we ran 7.688 at 185.87 won that round.
Round 2 won this one with a 7.585 at 186036. Headed into round 3 we were holding our breath, won this one with a 7.845 at 178.17. We face Boer in the semi's.  What a race! We didn't know who won until we asked it was that close. Boer won by a breath. We ran a 7.613 at 186.95.
We are looking forward to Milan. This has been a good year for us everything seems to be coming around we just need to keep it going.

Race #4
Milan was rained out. Next race is in Georgia.
We qualified 12th with a 7.932 @ 183.84. We could not get the car down the track. We have been doing so well now the gremlins are back.

We had one problem and then another. We went out in a blaze, but not of glory. Last qualifing run there was a pop then fire. Keith got the car stopped and got out of it. All he could do was watch it burn. He was ok. If I had seen the video before talking to David I would have been out of my mind with worry. After they got home and started taking the car apart they found more damage than expected. It's going to take more money and time to put it all together again. They may not make the first race but they will make most of them. Waiting on parts to come in is the biggest slow down right now.

Keith was nominated for rookie of the year and ambassador of the year with the NMCA. That's a great honor. He didn't win but was thrilled to just be in the running.
He is looking forward to the PRI show.