Sorry it has taken me so long to get this sight updated. I wish I could say it was because I was on a long vacation that I didn't get to it.
On November 12th (Davids birthday) our home caught fire. No one was injured thank the lord for that. Also I would like to thank one very special dog. Big Block a chocolate lab mix. Had she not heard the smoke alarm going off in the basement and started barking to wake David up this could have turned out to be a real tragedy. David and I both were all ready hurting very deeply over the loss of my special dog Little Guy who died in my arms the night before. Boy I miss him.

This so called winter here in Illinois hasn't been one at all. We have had 1 major snowfall of 12 inches  and thats it.
Our first race is February 22nd and 23rd. I don't think we will make it. Our engine is still at the engine builders in New York. Today is February 19th so I don't think we are going to get it in time.
That's ok because we know Lizzard Racing will do one great job for us. We will have a great year. With the NSCA and the NMCA becoming one organization racing will be better than ever.

Our first race will be Atlanta. March 16th and 17th.
.Race Update 2002
The first race was good. We qualified 5th with a 8.15. That is the fastest the car has ever ran.
We did not get to the finals. But that is ok. All of you need to check out HORSE POWER T.V. on a weekly basis. 
Look for us on it in about 6 weeks.

The next race is in Mississippi.
Remember, if you have questions Just E-Mail them to us.

Setup at Georgia. Cloudy and cool.
.         Clean and ready to go.
Hey Crew Chief  IF you snooz  we lose
Problems, problems and more problems. Hopefully they have all been solved?
Wisconsin was rained out  and we won't be going to Maryland. Our next race will be in Wisconsin on June 30 -July 1.
We returned to wisconsin. The car was having a few problems. All the little gremlins were playing  catch me if you can.
We got lucky. We Won!!! This is our first win since we started running the N.S.C.A. circuit.
Now it's on to Cordova.
We had a nice time in Canada. It was just Keith and I. Seems like everyone else was to busy to go. We are still having problems with the tune up in the car. We can't get a good number.
We wasn't sure we would even be able to get to Canada. Trouble with the transmission in our truck almost stopped us. from going. It seems like there are a lot of little things going wrong for us this year.. But we will keep trying to move forward.
We got put out the first round. We think some of the problems with the tune up have been solved. We turned a better number than we had been.
Now it's on to Canada.
Michigan was rained out.

We are headed to Columbus for our final race of the year.
We ran our best ever time 8:10. Maybe we have our problems worked out.
Next year we will be better and faster.

All of the years that I have been involved in racing I have tried to better myself. When I was racing D-Hot Rod at Assumption Illinois  back in the stone age . I was never fast enough to run for the money.  I always ran in the trophy class and I won most of the time. I still have those trophys they bring back a lot of memories. Like the first time I met Big Daddy  Don Garlits. So many more of the now famous racers I talked with all those years ago. I have good memories.

          September 11, 2001.
All of us a McCoy Racing send our deepest sympathy to those families that lost friends and loved ones.
We will stand United against those that try to destroy our freedom.
I would like to tell you and show you what my husband did in less than 24 hours. He wanted to honor those that lost their lives trying to save others. The Firemen the people on the planes and the service men. On a sunday night the week he was to leave for Columbus he went to his shop and got the air brush out. The following pictures is what he did. I am very proud of my husband of 32 years . I know I don't tell him often enough how I feel he is very special to me.
We are all set to start the season. Don't think we have much to do to the car. We are just waiting for March to get here.

We would like thank our sponsors for sticking by us during our down time in 2003.
We are all set to start the season. Don't think we have much to do to the car. We are just waiting for March to get here.

We would like thank our sponsors for sticking by us during our down time in 2003.
We are ready to go.  What a great artical in RPM Magazine they did on us. I can't wait to meet Chris  and  Brian and thank them.

Thursday March 18th,2004
We are on our way to Louisana. Long drive just Keith and I.
Brian Woods stopped and talked with us while we were in line.
Got our camp all set up. Guess we should see if our lady is going to run.
Barb, Richard and Robert got here this afternoon.

Robert is my great nephew. He sure helped a lot. He is a good kid. They were taking video I hope they got Robert on it.
Well fans the old Hatfield (gremlin) got to the McCoy's this race.
So we will pack it all up and head for home.
Looking forward to Georgia.

April 29,2004
We are on our way to Georgia. Wes lives down there so we will see him at the track.
Rained out. Not only did we not get to race but our motel ripped us off. We had paid for 2 nights we stayed one night and checked out long before their deadline but they would not refund our money. So don't stay at the Super 8.

We had trailer tire problems on the way home.

Next race is in Maryland.
We will be on are our way to Maryland tomorrow Sure hope it is a good weekend for us. (May 14, 2004)

Great Race!
We drove all night 15 hours later we were at the track. we got camp set up . Planned on making 1 test pass friday night to check out our new 4 link set up.

Larry Perkins who drives a 66 Nova came over and gave us a helping hand. We made 2 passes. Our changes didn't work. First run off of trailer was a 7.96

Saturday qualifing: FRENZY was the order of the day! Every pass we changed the 4 link. Keith had the tires off and on the car more this day than ever, he got so good at it he could do it with his eyes closed.
No difference!!
We qualified 5th with a 7.85.
Sunday we went back to our old set up with different springs.
1st round no change 7.83 against the Florida boys won that round. Back to camp, no belt on the vacuum pump. Pump went out Rick Moroso had a pump got to find a belt.
Pops thought valves to loose.MISTAKE no chip. Keith let her go anyway. Beat Morganos.
3rd round we get a by run great. Every thing is good.

We are going to the final round who will we run the 69 Camaro or Huber?
We could't leave well enough alone tried to spray harder to meet Huber.
I was in a zone I had never been in before 79 TA DIDN'T like it!!!

Ok it was a good weekend we did ok. 15 hours later and we are home it was an easy trip. Got some things we need to figure out with the car.

June 12th and 13th
Milan Michigan
This 79 has me scratching my head. What is going on with it? It just is not performing good. Starting to pull to the right at launch. Starter went out it rained we only got 1 practice pass. Not a good weekend.

June 19th and 20th
Cordova here we come for Pontiac days.
Keith was all over the track the car is heading right at launch. I have changed everything I know to change I can't figure it out.

June 26th
Sling Shot Nationals at Cordova.Headed up to give the people a thril? Just going to go out and leave a little smoke and a little rubber on the asphalt.
This car is still going right what the he---- is going on with it. Keith is all over the track he got out of it and back in it that's not good! Ouch!!!
Got home checked out stuff. OUCH OUCH took out piston and sleeve melted it he thinks he's a top fuel car and can pedal it. Nitrious says no no. BES to the rescue  did a good job glueing and taping it back together.

July 17th and 18th
Quaker City Raceway
I can't figure out what the problem is with this car. I just don't no what else to do. It is still going right went out first round.

Can't go to Budd's Creek my wife has to have surgery on her arm. Some one has to be around to help her.

August 28th and 29th
Mid Michigan
I put new Mickey Thompsons on first pass it went LEFT took per load out. Never looked back went straight as an arrow. We are back!!! 7.80's
Went to the final round. Keith pushed thr tree a little hard and went red with a .397 light against our friend Jim Huber (Hatfield). Keith had the fastest MPH for his class 181.
Next race is Ohio. Pulled the car out of the trailer to service it no oil pressure(NOT GOOD). After checking things out, oil pump had broke into. This is on Wednesday the 8th of September out it came went to Bes.
Picked it up the following Wednesday Tony said I was lucky because I didn't hurt it to bad. Put a new MOROSO Bellit oil pump on it. Fixed again. Ready for Ohio. Thanks to Tony and his crew for their fast reliable work couldn't do it without your help.

September 17th,18,19.
Finals National Trail Raceway

Thanks to hurricain Frances we got rained out friday night. Bordum was bad at the lodgeings. Climbing in and out of the window to go outside. I couldn't pop my popcorn because last year I burnt it and the WHOLE MOTEL smelled really bad. The lady at the desk recognized me and remembered the incident.
I called Judy and she said all this rain was moving out and we would have a good weekend!

Saturday, Judy was right.
Pulled in to the track and camped next to our friends the Coopers had a great time with them. Their dog is something else if Judy saw it she would want to bring it home.
Qualified 5th with a 7.83.
Got by the first round 7.92.
Just before 2nd round we find the bushing out of the tranny. Thrasin to change the tail shaft. Charles is taken one off in the trailer while Keith and I are taking the other one out and taking the tail off. Just off of the jack stands when we get the call to get up there. The tranny is hurt.
So I had Keith do a short burn out  we didn't know what was going to happen. Up against Guess Who-----Mr. Hatfield (Huber) we can not get away from this guy and we can't beat him YET. There they go oh sh----were did that come from 7.77 at 180mph a career best with a broken transmission. Keith went red again not his fault found out that reverse was out of the tranny would not hold the trans brake on the line.
All things considered we did ok for this year. the car is going straight again we went to 2 final rounds had a top mph and career best et 7.77.

We will start getting ready for next year. Thanks to the NSCA  and the staff for another great year of racing.
We have a new look this year. New design on the TA. And a little something new to get it to the races!
Racing  2003
Race time is coming up fast. That means I have to remember to pack David's suitcase and  push uh I mean help him get going. I believe this will be the best year yet for my guys. Guess I better go help David move the snow away from the trailer a very large blow torch would be just the thing right now.
Thursday March 13,2003
David is leaving this afternoon for Commerce GA. The first race.
Hello Team McCoy fans. It has been a long cold winter here in Illinois. We have been busy making changes. The first change comes in the way of our tow vehical, we now have a 2003  Ford Power Stroke. Our old Ford has seen better days.  It's going to be tough to make the payments and race. But, those old Drag racing gods are calling.
Now comes the Trans Am, Kevin Lee who's shop is an hour away from me and 10 minutes from Keith did some head work for us and fitted the new Profiler intake. We will have to see what the end result will be.
The TA now has a different look Pro (pops) style hood scoop and Flames!!! Keith has wanted flames on it since the car was on the drawing board, she looks mean.
Keith and Shari has added an addition to the family they have a bouncing and I do mean Bouncing baby boy his name is RACER and he is a black lab. The McCoy's have 3 dogs that equal a Big Block,Chevy Racer. What will we name the next one?

Georgia here we come without Shari, she has a new job so she can't go!!!! She would have been to comfortable in the new truck. Who is going to cook for me and Bobby stress,stress,stress.
Picked Keith up he has a friend going with us Todd Klemdworth. About 13 hours later we are in Georgia, no problem this new truck is awesome.
Friday, no passes rain.
My sister and brother in law Barb and Richard came up from Florida to give us support. Hey, maybe I can get her to cook!! Well, her last name is Cook!
Wes showed up, he lives in Atlanta now about 45 minutes from here.
Saturday morning, still rain. I don't feel very well must have a touch of the flu. Keith and Todd go to the track in the rain. I went with Barb and Richard a little later.
Rain has stopped the track is dry. Let's get qualified. We were sitting in the lanes and here comes the rain again!!!!!!
Sunday no rain.We get 1 qualifing run. We get to run against our buddy's the Pelech Bros. Do the burnout,stage the car, lights are down. The TA hesitates it took along time to come up on the chip. Keith let go of her,wheels up ,wheels down,wheels up, ride em cowboy! She blacked track all the way down,she went an 8:60.
Back at the pits Keith says she has balls and big ones. We quailfy #5 out of 12 cars. First round we draw a new guy sorry I can't remember his name.
Staged, lights come down she wouldn't come up on the chip.The other guy is gone, Keith almost ran him down. The TA went 8:16 at 175mph. Guess this one we markup as a good test session 13 hours from home.
Thanks Wes ,Todd, Barb and Richard for all your help and support. Oh yeah, Thanks Shari and Judy for keeping the home fires burning and being our biggest fans.
The TA is getting the proper componets as you read this. Look out Alabama.

We went to Cordova to do some testing. This car is just not right.

Looks like it is going to be a long while before we get back to racing. Major engine work needs to be done. Guess we will just have to  call 2003 a missed year.

September 2003
Got the engine. We are going to try and make the last race.
We made the last race. We qualified number 7 with a 7:81 the driver got out of it at the big end. He came back said it got loose on him. I asked him "why didn't you stay in it, you have brakes now and a parachute to help straighten you out !!!!!! David says he doesn't have his ass strapped in there ,the coach can say anything.

BES Racing Engines Tony Bishoff and his staff did a great job.

If anyone out there knows Keven Lee of Peoria Illinois beware of his work think twice, no think alot before you go to him.